Tuesday, May 15, 2012


satu ketika dulu mungkin aku tak skuat nih
time tuh mungkin aku tak leh terima
tapi skrg
kata2 punjaga tersayang terngiang2 kat telinga
jodoh pertemuan kat tangan Allah
klu break up ngn someone jgn frust
live your life dear
sbb jodoh u tak sampai lgi

i read an entry
cogratz to him
i admire him so much
he finally can move on

care and loving someone
then u realise that he/she is not meant to you
its damn hard
i know
i've been there

but remember
one day
you will meet someone more special that your ex
treasure her/him heart and soul as much as you can
for alive
with bond of marriage
you will in definite happiness

hari yang dinanti

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