Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5th semester is ended

program NEW

program MAYS

last celebration of hari raya in the UiTM

last program with SCISIS hu3 miss u olls
ENT300 the most fatigue n problematic subject

 lastly my cool n lovely housemate

i'm wishing the best for them :)
this sem it will be their last sem :( i'll miss u

last for her to.. miss u ika :(

night of 11 oct 2012

11 October 2012
most memorable day
it was my 20th Bday
it was special

 ika and wani both wished before 12 o'clock
but its okay... love u olls
bff keyh darling

after 00.01 am
he was the first wished
not by msg
but by call
and he sang
haha it was a big surprise for me
because there's no one done it for me before
i'm touched
thanks for the surprise
i never expect that u would call
even more sang for me
even it just a birthday song  

after the call
i got text from my bff in UiTM
Fasha, Dee, and Ma
u olls the best

then all my housemate

pour a lot face powder
from my behind
thanks guys

lastly that night i got text from
my partner in SCISIS
Zamir Aliff
his text contain wishes from 3 diff language 
english(common), korean(as expected)
and japanese (unexpected)
thanks buddy 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

hari yang dinanti

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