Saturday, March 23, 2013

enough is enough

for last 3 weeks back,,,
it such disaster for me,, seriously
all emotions takes roll non stops and now i had enough hahha
all comes from tired, fatigue and super exhausted..
flu, cough, and migraine attack me for this whole week, oh NOOOO!!
lets take a break.. for 3 day.. hahha
then prepare for next war!!!!

p/s : to all UiTMians best of luck from me... :)  

just one step then done

First of all, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, and Asslamualaikum for all... :)
today is my last class of my diploma... yeah!!!
seriously i cant wait to finish my diploma
but at the same time, feels so sad to end it,
all my friends and i will take our new path after this,
everyone need to pursue their dream right?
aah degree~~~

hari yang dinanti

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